Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday afternoon comments

Just a couple of things ....

    1. Who decided that meme should rhyme with theme and not the month of May twice*?
    2. I can't watch the rugby ... it's taking too much out of me!
    3. Who said I have to like February because it's the start of spring? (Answer = Simon ... you can so tell he dropped geography before his "O" levels!) It's cold and it is making me cough.
    4. I love YouTube ... I know everyone else does too, but I just wanted you to know!
    5. The score is 9-12 ... that'd be Ireland ahead ~ bleugh!
    6. **UPDATED**
    7. Ok, they won! *cleansing breath* But they're favoured as champions so *cleansing breath* that is fine!
    8. See, I'm not the only one with a meme problem!

* As in MayMay! That's how I say it!


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

is that how you say it, i thought it was me me, as in all about me...
i watched something on you tube for the first time last week, a freaked out wigged bride, made the front page of our local paper, it was hilarious!

recoveryroad said...

You are sooooooooooo right about MEME! It's been bugging me for yonks and now I know I'm not alone! Yippee!

scribbit said...

My husband thought it was meme, as in "la meme chose" or "lui meme." He's really not that cultured, I'm not sure how he came up with it.

Must be Greek.

Fizzy said...

I thought it was meme as in memo and men. I can't believe that it is supposed to rhyme with theme. Definately stumped by that one

Watched the rugby, all of it, thought about you. Enough said.

(then was made to watch the league game too!)

Atyllah said...

ooh, did Ireland win? Oh goodie!
Does meme rhyme with theme - you sure it's not me me me mememememememeeeeee

mar said...

I sort of accepted it rhymes with theme but how did I hear it in the first place???? remember I am a "reader only", don't hear English around here...