Sunday, February 18, 2007

Unconscious mutterings #211


I say ... and you think ... ?

Threshold :: Application form STILL not filled in!
Jason :: Jason and the Argonauts
Suspicion :: Suspicious minds ... I love Elvis BUT I actually prefer the Fine Young Cannibals version personally. But can I find it on the Internet to share with you? No!
Tender :: soft
Tempted :: *wiggles eyebrows* Always!
Crimson :: King Crimson
Repulsive :: disgusting
Bulldog :: British, but no longer a source of pride when used by people like the National Front ~ poncy name for fascists and racists to hide behind if you ask me!
Garage :: door
Racket :: noise


Lisa said...

Threshold: beginning
Jason: and Anna
Suspicion: doubt
Tender: loving
Tempted: to stop painting lol
Crimson: and Clover
Repulsive: disgusting
Bulldog: tough
Garage: car
Racket: tennis

Christine said...

Hi there: This is my third week participating in Unconscious Mutterings. We have two matches: Jason and the Argonauts & Racket/Noise. Have a great week, XINE

Fizzy said...

Threshold :: Get the bloody form filled in!
Jason :: July, August, September, October, November
Suspicion :: I prefer the FYC too.
Tender ::pay?
Tempted :: Chocolate
Crimson ::Blush
Repulsive ::Yuk and Yak
Bulldog ::The British Bulldogs playground game that is played at Rugby raining alot and yet banned in the playgrounds
Garage ::Don't have one
Racket ::The noise my washer is making right now as it does its last spin

Atyllah said...

Threshold: brink
Jason: Golden Fleece
Suspicion: above
Tender: is the night
Tempted: chocolates
Crimson: kiss
Repulsive: monster
Bulldog: Churchill
Garage: car
Racket: tennis

mar said...

Temptation...crepes batter...ready in the kitchen...

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

Threshold: bride
Jason: and candice
Suspicion: doubt
Tender: juicy
Tempted: desire
Crimson: red
Repulsive: sick
Bulldog: strong
Garage: parking
Racket: noisy


I have never heard the version by Fine Young Cannibals. I will have to hunt around for that too.


I tried listening to King Crimson but did not find anything that I liked by them yet. Recommendations???

Child of God said...

This is my first week and we have a couple of the same answers.

Ms Mac said...

I couldn't find FIne Yougn Cannibals either but I did find Robbie Williams looking amazing and covering Suspicious Minds. Made my day!