Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday morning thoughts

Whose idea was World Book Day? It's not that I don't think it's a fab idea ... because anything that encourages anyone to read is a fab idea! It's just that some lousy literacy coordinator always thinks it's a great idea to dress up on World Book Day! So, you've guessed it! On World Book Day I will be the Very Hungry Caterpillar! Joy to the world and all that bullshit! No lady 1 and lady 2 ... there will not be photos! NO!

I think I miss marking ... any teacher out there reading this now thinks I need to be sectioned! But it's more of a missing seeing the progression that children are making. And the smiles when work has been enjoyed/shared. I'll get over it soon - honest!

Ah ... instant food last night! Who would have thought that Tesco's corned beef hash could be almost as good as my Dad's? Only almost Dad!!

Yesterday afternoon during a counting activity ... "Mrs L, what have you done to your hair? Did you dye it white? Because my mummy dyes hers orange." **raises eyebrows** So I need to get my hair done then!! Please note my husband (12 years older than me) has no grey hair ... you can tll who the easy one to live with is in this family then can't you?

I am really enjoying Masterchef BUT I have a hospital appointment tonight @ 6.10 and will miss it! 6.10??? I didn't know hospitals did 6.10 ... I wonder whose pudding will make Greg's eyes do "that thing" over the top of his glasses tonight?

Right a cup of tea calls ... have a good day BUT hey, let's be careful out there!


Ms Mac said...

Me! My pudding! Please!

Fizzy said...

BLogger Poops.... I have lost my really long begging comment.
You know the one where I plead on bended knee for photos. You know that Lady 2 and I reallllly need to see them. I also asked you for the e-mail addy for your Lit Coordinator as there was something that I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally need to ask her. MWahahahahahahaha

OK I need to go now... Need to make a tin man costume for my son!
This maybe the last in a long line of costumes. (minnie the mouse, happy the dwarf, Peter Pan and Robin Hood, same costumes, Frodo, BFG, Jemima Puddleduck.......)
but all these were for CHILDREN (except Peter Pan she was a TA)
Now that I have left you a whole long comment Please please please can we have photos

Fizzy said...


Atyllah said...

I second Fizzy.
I insist on a picture of Laquet the Hungry Caterpillar.
Aw, please, Miss...

Fizzy said...


Fizzy said...

pretty perlease?

Fizzy said...

*5 and bit hours later*
Please can we have pics?
I am sure that Lady 2 will agree when she is up and about...

Indigo said...

I've never heard of world book day ... but the new Shopaholic book came out today in the States and I'm soooooooooooooo excited!

The Very Hungry Catapiller is a favorite of mine. We have the jumbo sized book at home, it's about 3' long.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

never heard of world book day.
our hospitals are so backed up here there are some departments that run 24 hours a day, a friend of mine has an appointment booked for a MIR at 3:45 am.

Fi said...

Doncha love that book. I think it was the holes cut in the pages that I loved. Oh, and the pictures of icecream and cake and hotdogs and watermelon!

To think it's lasted so long and is still as popular as ever is very cool!

And yes I was careful out there today! Which is nearly over!

Fizzy said...