Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blog Fodder #12

Ok this question is brought to you by none other than ME!!! Moogie over at Blog Fodder HQ has chosen a question that I set, so here you go.
What do you see when you look out of your living room / kitchen / bedroom window? You can do this with photos if you would like.

I live in a town, so all my views are urban but actually being a geographer that doesn't bother me at all. Being a geographer means that I love all different kinds of landsapes for different reasons and there is something quite charming about the Edwardian houses in our area. If I look out of the living room window I see the front garden, a little patch of green full of lilies and lavendar at the right time of the year. At the moment the grass needs cutting but being February that won't be happening for a month or two. If I lift my eyes and look above the garden wall I see the houses opposite ... but they are actually quite a bit away. This isn't a narrow Victorian road, the houses opposite were probably built in the late 40s / early 50s and they must be 60 foot away.

There are cars parked on both sides of the road but there's still enough room for buses to get past and the road never seems too full except for on alternative Saturday afternoons / Tuesday evenings because we are about a mile from the Gillingham football ground and people park here when they go to watch a home match. In the summertime it's the kind of street where you hear children playing and the smell of BBQ smoke is in the evening air. Yeh, I quite like my view.


mar said...

Your description is lovely, sounds like a very nice urban place indeed!!

Fizzy said...

I love your description

My view is of a very busy main road. A road that never sleeps. It is full of many different types of shops. all with baskets outside. I live in a large multi-racial community and the shops reflect this, as do the shoppers. I love it. I sit on the bus and everyone talks in different languages... brilliant

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Lovely desdription my dear...(And you saw what I see from my living room, this morning---thanks for the visit...)..What a good subject you chose! I'd love to see the view you describe in pictures...!

craziequeen said...

I like the sound of your road in Summer.....
which is good, cos I'm not a fan of built-up areas.

Are you the Kent Gillingham or the Dorset Gillingham? My brother and his family live in the Dorset Gillingham.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

sounds wonderful.
i didn't realize you were a geographer, actually, i don't think i've heard of it referred to like that before. my oldest is majoring in geography, but she's gone the urban planning route.

Nikki-ann said...

It does sound quite nice actually and I don't spend much time in urban areas. I live on the edge of a village, so my view is mainly countryside.

Anyway, I've participated in this week's blog fodder and it's been a joy. Thanks for the question!

MommyBa said...

Wonderful description. Makes me wanna live where you are :D

Happy weekend!