Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Do you ever ...

... have one of those weeks? The kind that when you're not looking, the whole thing jumps up on you really quickly and gives you a short, sharp slap around the back of the head? Do you? I think that this is about to become one of those weeks!! :o(

Today, the entire senior management team of the school are off to Stoke until Friday ... who do you think they've left in charge? See that big blonde bird that's scrambling to swim against the current ... chuck her something to hold on to. NO, not a brick!

And I still can't turn off the rotten word verification gizmo! *screams* Bogging TECHNOLOGY!!


Walker said...

Yes I do know what of of those days weeks and years looks like but I wont throw you a brick but how about a life line.

Log into blogger
go to settings
the click on comments tab
goooooooo down
and where it says word verification for comments
click no to take it off

Bennu said...

What a guy, Walker, good for you ...finding the answer to Jo's insanity due to word verification.

Jo, I have had one of those weeks myself.

It is just about over. One more day and I am on "holiday" for a week. Spring Break.

Le laquet said...

Now you two, I could do that it's easy!

I can't turn the word verification off when I post new posts ~ the comment lark was a doddle! Anyway I've emailed Blogger!