Thursday, March 23, 2006


*whoops* I escaped ... but I'm full of anti-biotics, bruised, they've knackered my veins and I'm very aware that I will have to go back to hospital for an operation at another time!! :o(

Thankyou all so much for your good wishes and thanks to the fabulous Mrs Fizz and Lisa who have kept in touch by phone and text ... right I am off to bed :o)

Jo xxxx


patti_cake said...

Hello Jo!
I was directed to your blog via Walker at "Lost Here and Beyond". I hope you are feeling better and I can tell you are glad to be home. I'll try to get back and visit again soon. My list of blogs I visit grows but I love it, what a great way to meet new people and gain new insight.
Patti aka Patti_Cake
Florence SC

doris said...

Welcome back and hope they were sweet dreams tucked up in bed :-)

When you are ready I'd be happy to read all the gory details if you care to share!


pink said...

Walker sent me over to give you a hug and to hope you get well soon.

Dotty said...

I'm also here, originally because Walker asked us to send a special person our best wishes. I'm going to come back though, 'cause the bear post was very funny. Hope you are feeling well very soon.

Indigo said...

Welcome home Jo! I hope you are feeling better soon!

Natasha said...

Hi Jo,
So glad to know you are back home. Home sweet home, nothing better than that eh. Sleep early is the best for faster recovery and also if you can, take a morning slow walk to breath fresh air. That would help to boost back your system.
Warmest hugs to you. Take care Jo, and hope to hear you are back to your normal routine soon. Tata...Natasha, Malaysia

Walker said...

Glad to hear about your escape and return home. Now to get that last bit of infection out of you and you into some chocolate. :)

craziequeen said...

welcome back, lovey :-)
[big gentle hug]


K Jones said...

Jo, I, too, have been down, but not down and out like it seems you have been. My, my, my, I hope you feel much better. Good luck and get back soon.

oceanbug said...

Hope you feel better soon,
Best wishes...

Fi said...

Hey there, good to see that you are home - you will already be feeling better just because of that!

Anyway have lots of rest and be spoiled and we look forward to your next post :)


oopseedaisee said...

Glad you are home. Walker sent me over to see you. Hope you feel better soon. Cute Blog site.

Fizzy said...

I am glad that you are back home...NOW REST!!!. you know how bossy I can get ;)

Le laquet said...

Thanks guys!

Jo xx