Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Word verification

word verification nightmare

Does anyone out there know how I turn off word verification whilst posting? It's driving me mad!!!! I keep trying to make up sentences with the letters .... ncxrhrt .... where can I go with that I ask you??

h ....

*shakes head in disbelief at self* NO! I am not carrying on with this!
And to make matters worse, I lost in poker!!! What a start to a week


Fizzy said...

I didn't know you could do that! I know that you ned to look on your settings page to turn it on or off. OR is it the page you get to when you press the blogger button at the top of the screen.


:) have a good day

Le laquet said...

But I looked at that there page Mrs F ~ nothing useful ... I tried turning comment word verification to help. It's like a double whammy!!

Fizzy said...

oooo also pinched from the radio...

A man decides to visit and do a study of all the churches around the world.

He decides to start looking at the ones in England. At the first one, in Plymouth, he seea golden telephone with a label next to it saying £10,000. He asks a passing priest what the golden phone was for.... THe priest told him that it was a phone line to Heaven and that it cost £10,000 to use.

THe ma goes to a church in Salisbury and sees another golden phone with a sign for £10,000 next to it. The man asks a passing priest if this phone is a phoneline to heaven...."oh yes" replies the priest it costs £10,000 to call.

As the man travels around the country he finds golden phones in churches in Leeds, Newcastle, London ...actually everywhere. Each on is a phone line to heaven and each one cost £10,000 to use.

The man then travels to Wales. In the first church he visits he sees a golden phone..but this time there is a sign saying 40pence next to it. The man stops a passing priest and asks Why this sign says 40pence to ring Heaven when all the other signs he has seen in England says £10,000.
"that is easy" says the prienst, "it is a 40pence local call."

I hope you understand all that ... it is early and I am strugling with the HGS at the moment

Have a good day

Le laquet said...

I understand completely ....

*starts to sing in a purely Welsh way!*

Walker said...

Beat it with a hammer.
Oh how to turn if off not what I really want to do with it.
Its in your settings :)

Ms Mac said...

I'm no help, sorry. I've only ever had it turn up once without me asking for it.


Not a king, only your wonderfully friendly queen.

Bennu said...

I have no clue, and am flummoxed (did I spell that right?) because my blogger doesn't have verification to post a post, only for a comment.

Good luck

oh and

zonk your xylophone young man and rent ukeleles.

Fizzy said...

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH good for you. I wish you all the best.

Have a good day

An Extraordinary woman in a mediocre life said...

omg!.. i have been so menaing to do a post about this!!... so i'm not the only oone then!,,,,my brain just keeps insisting on trying to make the nonsensical assortment of letters into an actual word