Thursday, March 30, 2006

Up to date

It's fairly obvious that none of the posts over the last week have contained anything much of "me" ~ because I still don't know how me feels right now. I have been out of hospital a week and I'm flagging. I'm sleeping 18 hours a day and the tablets are causing foul and unmentionable side-effects*. Who'd a thought that getting better was this tiring/disgusting? I truly expected to bounce out of be last Friday, cured! Well-er than I'd ever been, well-er than a well thing from Wellington *winks at Lisa* But it's a no go! I feel & still look like shite!

Then, the "dreaded letter" arrived from the hopsital this morning, it took me 20 minutes to build up the courage to open it ... to find that it was a "we have referred your case to Mr B, blah, blah, blah" letter and not a "come in now we want to operate" letter. Sheesh! The wait [as anyone on a NHS waiting list in the UK knows] could be months/years/a decade and I really don't want another stomach abscess forming while I wait! But what's a girl to do? Private health insurance is way out of our price bracket and much as I'd love to move to France right now (where I could have the op by the weekend probably) that's not financially viable right now either!

So, the wait starts. Watch this space ... but not for long or the boredom will drive you mad!

*twinkles* In other news ... there's always my Johari :o)

* Aren't you glad I shared?


Fizzy said...

O dear you sound so fed up. I hope that you start feel better soon and that you get your smile back.
btw the NHS sucks at having waiting lists

Lisa said...

Aw you poor thing. That waiting part stinks doesn't it?? It's like that over here too, you either wait for months and months (possibly even years) or you go privately (by taking a second mortgage maybe?? bloody expensive)

And about the post below...DID I NOT TRY TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE PIG??!! oh, you may have been in hospital by that stage if I think about it properly, forget my yelling lol

I know it's boring and frustrating when you're body's trying to get back on track (bleech to the side affects)...(although a little bird (ducklike) told me you escaped to play poker the other night!!) but we're all thinking of you and hoping you are feeling much better REALLY SOON!

Hang in there sweetheart xx

Fi said...

Oh no Jo! Sucky boo!

Now, do you have enough DVDs/mags/books/blogs to keep you going?

tammi said...

Ohhh bummer!
I am having one of those not-so-hot I hear ya.
Hope your feeling up-to-snuff soon.

Fizzy said...

Do you think that BB is being held against his will OR do you think he apply to take up residency???

craziequeen said...

Join us NHS-waiters........

My gynaecological appointment is on the 23 May - they got my MRI films on the 6 Feb!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!
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