Monday, March 13, 2006

Ssssh! I stole another meme!

Nicked from Prydwen, if you don't read the fabulous Thegn of Sussex, you should take a look ~ he makes me laugh and laugh and laugh!!

When showering, do you start the water and then get in or get in and start the water? Always start and check the temperature of the water first, then get in!
Do you read the labels on your shampoo bottle? Yes, sad git aren't I!
Do you moan in the shower like the people on the herbal essence commercial? No ... I mean yes, yes, yes!
Have you ever showered with someone of the opposite sex? Yes *blushes* I can only tell you this as my mother won't have Internet access over the next week or so and therefore won't get to read it!
Have you ever been forced to shower with one of your siblings? No, but we were bathed together!
Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower? Yes in Botswana ~ there was no sink!
Have you ever dropped your soap on your foot? Umm, I'm sure I have.
How old do you look? I am going to ask Simon!
How old do you act? I am certainly not going to ask Simon as that would be asking for trouble!
What's the last song you sang? I sing all the time! I'm singing "If I had a million dollars" as I type!
Have you recently become a member of anything? No.
What are your plans for the weekend? We spent Saturday night in Brighton with friends, my parents arrived last night en route to Wales! I need to finish off start the literacy planning!
Do you kiss with your eyes opened or closed? Yes! Lol! Either/both!

Have you ever ridden a mechanical bull? No! Should I? Is it fun?
Did you ever intentionally vomit after eating? No ... Do I look like I have?
If you were working on a pirate ship, what would you most likely be? I'd be the cook!
Have you ever called anyone a slut? Yes!

The song has changed!

Have you ever been called a slut? Yes, my mother called me a slut when I was a teenager! Slut means different things to different people!!
Have you ever smuggled something into America? No
Does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive? No
Do you live in a city with a good sports team? LOL!! Gillingham ~ enough said!
Have you ever finished off the popcorn? Yes!
How many people do you think would come to your funeral? Lots, cause I'll insist on it being a party!
How many of them would come just to make sure you're dead? No, they'll come for the beer!
Do you have more enemies or more friends? Friends!
Have you ever sent an anonymous letter? Does a Valentine's card count?
Can you fix your own car? No! And my mechanic is pretty, nice arms! :o)
Have you ever turned someone down for a date? Yes, long ago in a galaxy far far away!
Are you smarter than your friends? Sometimes, some of them ... we're all smart in different ways! My "geography smarts" are better than Ruth's ... but you should see her "Scottish dancing" smarts!
Have you ever stolen anything from your friends? NO! Never!
Have you ever been to jail? No.
Should you have? Possibly, maybe perhaps :o)
Do you like the taste of beer? Yes, I prefer real ale, bitter and guiness to lager!
Have you ever died or killed someone in a dream? I can never remember dreams, so I don't know!
Have you ever given to charity? Yes, as much as I can afford!
Would you kill a dog for £1000? No!
Do you sometimes get depressed? Ummm, on a 1 to 10 scale with 1 being mildly sad and 10 being being suicidal I have been known to be at a "#4 suffeing from PMT and slightly fed-up with life" occaisonally!
Do you live with your parents? No, but sometimes in the cold depths of winter I wish I did as they live in lovely sunny, warm, wine filled France!
Do you have plans for your future? Yes .... did you want to hear them?


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