Saturday, March 04, 2006

Seven things

I've been tagged by Rashbre, I hope I do this justice!

Seven things to do ::
1. Finish Start the school website ... software now installed on the server!
2. Beat my body clock and sleep after 6am on a Saturday.
3. Get a deputy headship.
4. Visit New Zealand.
5. Buy a really nice digital camera and take it everywhere! Ideas anyone?
6. Decorate the bedroom.
7. Meet deadlines in school ~ not that anyone has had a go at me this week you understand!!

Seven things I can’t do ::
1. Whistle a tune.
2. Clean up puke ... not necessarily a thing most people need to do BUT as a teacher it would be handy!
3. html! Just ask Fizzy!
4. Breathe anywhere near a cat.
5. Sleep on a feather pillow.

Umm .... I'll come back to these!


Seven things that attract me to my mate ::
1. His kindness.
2. His sense of humour.
3. His ability to laugh at himself ~ which is improving everyday :o)
4. The way he tries his hardest to take care of me in every situation.
5. His attempts to speak French!
6. His cooking.
7. His bum!!

Seven books I love ::
Only 7??
1. The Belgariad (actually 5 books ... anything by
David and Leigh Eddings could sit here at #1)
The Eight
3. Anything by Faye Kellerman
4. Or by Kathy Reichs
5. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
7. Sunbird ~ actually pretty much anyone of his would do!

Seven things I say ::
1. Epic
2. I'll be there now, in a minute
3. Show me two empty hands!
4. Paint me pink and call me Samantha [Have no idea where thins one came from!]
5. I'm just going to phone ***** for a quick chat!
6. What do you want for dinner?
7. I'll have a brandy and coke!

Seven movies I’ve loved ::
1. The Shawshank Redemption
2. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
3. Monster in Law
4. Lawrence of Arabia
5. Empire of the Sun
6. Hotel Rwanda

7. 10 things I hate about you & Kiss me Kate ... it's the story!

Seven people to tag ::
1. Anyone
2. who
3. wants
4. to
5. have
6. a
7. go!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Great lists!!! This looks like a rather hard one to do...! But I thought you did fabulously!

Here from Michele today.

Doug said...

Hello, Michele sent me

I hope I did this right

Bennu said...

I love the Show Me Two Empty Hands... great for school. I will consider myself tagged and post on my blog. I haven't done one of these and this one seems to make me think. Have a great day Jo.

rashbre said...

Well paint me pink and call me Samantha, you have an Epic list!

And rather a lot to do as well! Its quite tricky to complete all of the categories, isn't it!!

I see you listen to KT Tunstall too, and I've visited the Beringer vinery in Napa Valley where your enjoyable wines come from.



sage said...

You post says March 27... I didn't think England was that far ahead of the States!

Fizzy said...

Good Afternoon.
I love this list... I will consider myself tagged. This will be posted immeadiately (one m or two?)

You can't clean up puke??? not my fave past time either.

Html and school website????

have a good day.

Lisa said...

Another great list from you Jo.

Love that you're coming to NZ at some stage...html does my head in too, fizzy is fab for that...didn't realise you had an allergy to cats or and fizz both have a thing about your mens bums lol.

Enjoy your day/night :)

Wulfweard The White said...

Either your post date is wrong or I have travelled through time.... it say Monday 27 March 2006...

Anyway love your lists.

Fi said...

Love The Shawshank Redemption. Not many people know that the screenplay is based on a story by Stephen King! Now you know!

I'm sure one day you'll get down here. In fact I'm positive :)

Le laquet said...

Naomi ~ thankyou, I think yours would be fascinating!

Bennu ~ I love your post!

Rashbre ~ Enjoy the new saying on me :o)

Sage/Prydwen ~ *blushes, fumbles for an answer* Haven't either of you heard of time travel?

Le laquet said...

Lisa and Fi ~ you better believe it girlies, I'm a coming! To NZ that is you clatty lot!

Fizzy ~ how are you? Long time no "see!" Spent this afternoon playing with Macromedia Dreamweaver ... website nearly ready!