Friday, March 24, 2006

Finally awake ...

... this being ill stuff is tiring. I have just woken after being asleep pretty much since midday yesterday. I didn't have a lot of choice (Fizzy was right my mother is here to boss me around ... yes, all mother's are really good at being bossy Fizzy!!) Plus there's Simon ... not that he's being bossy, yet, it's just that I didn't realise quite how worried he was. Isn't that always the same with men ~ he didn't say "I'm worried" but there he was thinking it all and bottling it all up when it's much better just to say it out loud :o)

It was a good job that I came out yesterday, after gallons of antibiotic, my second canula or the vein it was going into pretty much gave up the ghost. The nurse says that a couple of months and the veins will be back to normal ~ I'll lay off the hard drugs for a while! I'd had a very disturbed Monday or was it Tuesday night when the first canula had blocked and they'd found Andy "I'm the man they call when no-one can get a canula in" ... ha, my hand and wrist foxed him! Not a vein in sight! Two tries at 1.45am and he was out! So he told the doctors "you want a canula in, you do it!" She did, straight in the elbow at 2.30am ~ it's amazing how much of life in a hospital goes on at night.

Anyway, on Simon's orders me and my black/blue hands, wrists and elbows are off back to bed now ... did I say he wasn't being bossy? Maybe I was wrong! I shall take a pile of books and relish the fact that I have a doctor's paper which keeps me off school until April 19th ~ trust me, I'll be bored with this by tomorrow!


Magpie said...

those canulas look scary, i know last time they tried to take blood from me they ended up not bothering as they couldn't find a vein...

glad you are on the mend, take it easy and take care of yourself...

*big hugs*

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Yay!!! :)

Glad to see you back and getting better!!! :)

Le laquet said...

Thank you ladies, kind of you to care! :o)

Fizzy said...

oooooo blogger needs some IV anti-biotics too..... it just lost my comment!!!

I was asking if you have a sick not for a year... but then I realised I should not take the mickey out of the ill!!!

I remember when I was in hospital for 4 weeks before my daughter was born. I had to have my blood taken every day. One Particular vampire found that if she crept into my room at 6am, said :
"hello, put your arm out"
and then she was off
terrible people they were
I am gladd you are getting lots of rest. If you don't rest then there is an army of bloggers out here who will take over from Your Mum and Simon!!!

Now blogger do you want me to get bossy with you????Do you???

doris said...

I'm sure you don't mean March 19th .. until March 19th?

You have my empathy with all the needle sticking business.

Take it easy.... I just read on the BBC site that Larks need to take it easier today because of all the sleep they will be missing on and in your case you do need to rest and recover. I know they don't chuck you out of hospital when your 100% so you need to continue your recovery. There, the doctor has spoken!

Le laquet said...

Fizzy ~ yeh ok!

Doris ~ you're right I meant April 19th, changed now!

Bennu said...

Glad you are doing better. Get some rest and do what you need to for YOU until Mid April... bored? maybe, but the rest is obviously needed.