Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wordless Wednesday .... right on time this week!


Walker said...

Thats a beautiful view of the bay.
No snow anywhere.
Definitly not here.
I got to move.
Have a nice day

Le laquet said...

You're absolutely right Walker ~ northern Spain last December! Beautiful!

Bennu said...

Beautiful! Spain eh? hmmmm I like it.

K Jones said...

So beautiful. My brother spent a couple of years in southern Spain. I guess I'll need to go northward however. Santiago de Compostela, perhaps?

Lisa said...

What an amazing photo. I feel relaxed just looking at it lol

I'm very naughty you know...I come here and read your posts, think I'll come back later and comment and then forget *blush*

Had to laugh at the grey roots post. I SOOO know all about that dastardly line...but how nice of the children to notice you'd had your hair done eh? lol