Saturday, March 18, 2006

Supermarket games

I spoke to Simone for an age yesterday afternoon, you know how it is when the conversation can go from here to there and back again with no gaps/spaces and it's fab! That's what friends are for ... right? I laughed, almost cried talked about everything.

And then she told me about a new game her and the girls have taken to playing in Asda ... and I laughed until I cried!! Last week in Asda, whilst no-one was looking her and the 2 squirly-whirlies made it their challenge to put the biggest package they could into someone else's shopping trolley whilst that person wasn't looking.

That's right whilst you weren't looking, she encouraged her blonde-angelic looking 8 yr old to smuggle a packet of chocolate hobnobs into your shopping trolley and then run around the corner of the frozen food aisle where they stood and giggled like idiots!! She is working her way up to a family size box of washing powder!! People you have been warned, avoid ginger women in Asdas around SE England at all costs!


Walker said...

Your all nuts and funny. LOL
I must admit that I have dropped things in other people carts by mistake thinking it was mine only to get home and go nuts looking for that item and I have bought stuff that I didn't want thinking the GF had put them in the cart.

Fizzy said...

I have just posted about ASDA too. My hubby used to do that too. when he was a Saturday lad in a supermarket years ago -anyone who annoyed him and his friend, orwas rude or just a general pain in the prosterior would get something in thier trolleys. Being on the checkouts at the time... I saw people marvel how frozn Turkeys could have found thier way into thier trolleys. Of course those with condoms or heamoroid cream would not talk so loud about it lol.

It is a good game. Thank goodness I live far far away.

Ms Mac said...

I am so taking that up asap! I'd love to see how the Swiss would cope with that!


craziequeen said...

[chuckle] I don't shop in Asda.......thank god!

Thanks for the email, laquet - each time I go to the hospital now I take some new communique :-)

Love ya, hon


Le laquet said...

Walker ~ lol! I'm not doing it!

Fizzy ~ lol! I am scared shitless about the idea :o)

La Bella Stella ~ another monster created, my work here is done!

CQ ~ yeh, but I think she's going to give it a go in Sainsbury's too!! GIve him my best :o)