Sunday, March 12, 2006

Unconscious mutterings #162

Late for a second week running, skulked back from Kev's this week!! So full of gorgeous Palestinian food & good Australian/NZ merlot that I had to go back to bed when we got in! In fact Indigo, by the fifth bottle of new world Merlot it was a lot like one of your wine club sessions! I think that we have to accept right here and now that I am anyone's for a night of good food/wine and excellent conversation! :o)

Me?  Mutter?  It's all planned darling!

I say ... and you think ...?

Displacement :: Aesop's Fables ~
the crow and the jug of water. There was an excellent version on Sesame Street once long ago ... I love Sesame Street!
Grease monkey :: mechanic
Vacancy :: rent a room!
Conquer ::
William the Conqueror, 1066 et al
Payroll :: salary
Personal :: mine, all mine!
Housewife :: not me!
Lateral :: thinking ... try a problem or two
Tissue :: paper
Multiplication :: tables


mar said...

Oh, the words are up already! I haven't played in ages! I totally agree with your answer to Housewife!

Fi said...

I loved Sesame Street! I was glued to it as a kid. Totally drummed the alphabet and numbers into me by the time I went to school.

I remember a few Aesops fables too. I had a gorgeous illustrated book of them at one point...I remember the first time I read it and being horrified when they ate the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg!

Lisa said...

Displacement: lose
Grease monkey: mechanic
Vacancy: empty
Conquer: win
Payroll: errors
Personal: boundaries
Housewife: Desperate
Lateral: thinking
tissue: bless you
Multiplication: procreate

Rainypete said...

Displacement: Water
Grease monkey: Good pay
Vacancy: My head
Conquer: Command &
Payroll: paperwork
Personal: space
Housewife: under-appreciated
Lateral: movement
tissue: gossamer
Multiplication: good clean fun (or dirty....more fun that way)