Monday, March 13, 2006

The things kids say #8

I had my hair cut and coloured on Saturday *flicks hair off shoulder* back to my blonde self! So in to school I go ... and wait for the compliments to roll in ~ NOT! These are kids, they don't compliment they go for the jugular with a rusty hacksaw blade!

E ~ Oooo! Mrs L, you've had your hair done!

Me ~ Yes, do you like it?*

E ~ Oh yes! It looks so much nicer now, without the big black bit in the middle!!

That would have been my roots then! Thanks E ... you certainly know how to boost a girl's confidence!

*This was without a doubt my mistake!


Ms Mac said...

I was once with my cousin who walked past a friend of hers and heard her friend's daughter shout. "Oooh look Mummy! It's Mary, your friend with the half brown, half yellow hair!"

She got her roots done the next day.

Le laquet said...

Poor girl! I will be endeavouring to keep up to date with my roots!!!

Walker said...

Well at least they noticed that is something.
You may have to instill a little fear in them by telling them that the nicer the compliments the more likely they'll proceed and wont be 20 years old and still in the same class.

Bennu said...

I dressed up for pictures and wore a full face of makeup, and all the kinders (5 year olds) in my class were "Oh, Ms. _____, you look so pretty today, why don't you look that way everyday?"

so on really good mornings, I do it just for them.

They also tell me, after having my hair colored. Oh your gray hair went away again.

Rainypete said...

Yeah, you can always count on kids to bring the reality in. I'm with Walker though, would you have rathered they had not noticed?

Indigo said...

LOL! They sure are honest, aren't they?

Fizzy said...


got to love 'em

doris said...

Awwww noooo. You have to be so tough skinned.

Anonymous said...

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